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André Winter, musician, producer, and DJ from Hamburg- Germany. Since the the first release under his own name in 2008, he has traveled the globe, playing live or DJing at many of the world's most in uential clubs and festivals. Releasing a number of productions and remixes on renowned labels such as Senso Sounds, Second State Audio, Noir Music, Octopus Recordings, Trapez.... André Winter has been a dedicated follower of techno and electronic music since the 90s. A widely respected, proli c, in uential artist whose unfailing passion for producing, composing and DJing is the catalyst for his constant desire to create, release and play music. Raised in Oldenburg, Germany, and with an early interest in technology and music, he spent much of his youth in clubs, record/music stores, and in front of computers. The beginning of rave culture, the art studio, next to a club, are the cornerstones of André Winter's attitude towards electronic music. He immersed himself in sounds of techno, house, EBM and industrial. In this crucial period of diversity and combination of genres, he was more concerned with atmospheres and vibes than with a strict idea of style, this period is the foundation of André's career. As a self-confessed studio hunter, he spends all his time at the machines, letting the creativity ow and re ning his skills. Many years of experience go into his work, and his ethos focuses on functionality and complexity of his build. The approach is to use only a handful of gear and really know them inside and out, resulting in a much more satisfying, distilled approach. In parallel to his own recordings, André has carved out a niche for himself as an internationally recognized music producer. His dedication to the intricacies of sound and vibration has given him a keen ear for adding luster to other artists productions and compositions. Many established artists from from musically different genres entrusted themselves over the years to André...

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